🌕🐕 MoonDogeSwap Overview

Fun meme, Easy Swapping and Happy Earning
MoonDogeSwap is a Dogecoin-Centric DEX based on Binance Smart Chain, featuring Swapping, Farming, Staking, and Gaming.

Why Dogecoin

Team are die-hard Doge fans. Doge lacks liquidity and presence in the Defi space, let's fill it up together!


The Binance Smart Chain is cheaper to use and faster to confirm, it is the perfect smart contract platform for everybody to participate.

DEX and Security

Operating on DEX is completely anonymous and decentralized, connect your own crypto wallets and directly interact with MoonDogeSwap protocols.
MoonDogeSwap protocols and smart contracts are carefully audited by a widely recognized 3rd party audit firm: Certik. See Report.
Your crypto assets are both secure in your own wallet and the contracts audited by Certik.


1. Swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain
2. Add Liquidity to get LP tokens and LP rewards
3. Deposit LP tokens and earn MODO Farming Reward
4. Stake tokens and Get More Tokens

Tokenomics and Roadmap

MODO is the platform token on MoonDogeSwap, it is 100% given away to the community and minted through participation. No team tokens nor private sales.
MoonDogeSwap is a long-term project and a clear Roadmap is outlined:
We will see you on the moon!
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