Moon Pools

Stake Tokens to Earn More Tokens
Moon Pools is another place for everyone to earn free tokens, the difference between Yield Farming and Moon Pools is that in Moon Pools you will not need to add liquidity, but just stake single tokens to earn other single tokens.

How to Stake in Moon Pools

1. Go to Moon Pools webpage
2. Find the pool you wish to stake, and Approve that token
3. Click on the "+" sign
4. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to stake and hit that Confirm button
5. Claim, Compound and Unstake
Shortly after, you will be able to the amount of token earned, and it is growing every BSC block.
You can also Claim, Compound and Unstake anytime you want:
  • Claim: Claim the reward token and it goes to your wallet
  • Compound: Claim and Restake the claimed ( The claimed token will be added to Your Stake)
  • Unstake: withdraw your staked token back to your wallet
There you have it. Staking and Earning is just as easy as it is!
When you stake in the MODO pool, you will get the same amount of a token named Space Ticket Token (STT) in your wallet, it is to distinguish the 'Stake MODO' and 'Reward MODO'. When you unstake, the STT will be burned and your MODO will be withdrawn to your wallet

List your token in Moon Pools

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