Binance Chain Wallet

Step-by-step guide on connecting to MoonDogeSwap with BC Wallet Extention

Binance Chain Wallet is developed by Binance Team, it currently supports web browsers but not yet mobile app.

Web Browser

1. Download Binance Chain Wallet extensions

Binance Chain Wallet supports 3 web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave.

2. Create & Import BSC address

3. Switch to Binance Smart Chain Network

You don't need to add a custom network as you do in MetaMask, but make sure that you switch onto Binance Smart Chain Network.

Now, you should be able to connect to

Binance Smart Chain Network is not the same as Binance Chain Network.

4. Custom Add MODO

Search MODO ticker, and click the box.

If search not found, add custom asset

And copy-paste MODO contracts: 0xF9F89Ef3C1B96a662dB5fC9184dBf6ca1416dFe5

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