How to Add Liquidity

In this guide, we demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial on how to add liquidity to the BNB/MODO liquidity pool. The same logic applies to other liquidity pools.

1. Go to Liquidity Page and connect your wallet

2. Click Add Liquidity

You will be able to see the below interface

By default, the First Input Token is BNB, so we do not need to change it as we are adding liquidity to the BNB/MODO pool.

3. Select MODO as the Second Input Token

Once you have selected MODO as the second input token, you will see a bunch of useful information:

  • MODO/BNB price rate

  • The balances of your input tokens in your wallet

4. Enter Amount

Decide how much you want to add to the liquidity pool. Enter either one of the input tokens in amount, the other one will be calculated for you automatically.

You must add 50/50 in token value for both of the two input tokens.

For instance, if we click MAX for MODO (50), then the required amount for BNB needs to be 3.23503 to meet the 50/50 standard. (3.23503 BNB and 50 BNB worth the same value).

Obviously, 3.23503 has exceeded the amount of BNB we have in the wallet (1.00072), therefore it shows "Insufficient BNB balance".

The lower limit input token value is the MAX you can add.

5. Click Supply

Assume we enter 0.5 BNB and 7.72788 MODO to the pool. After doing so, the "share of pool" is calculated based on the value of your tokens to add and the total value of the liquidity that is already added to the pool. Click Supply when you are ready to proceed to the next step.

6. Confirm Supply

Have a final check on the details before confirm to supply. And click supply.

7. Confirm in your wallet

After you click on the confirm supply button, you will be asked to confirm/sign in your wallet so that the transaction can be submitted to the BSC network.

Wait for a while and your BNB/MODO LP token will arrive in your wallet, you can also see the liquidity you added on the liquidity interface page.

The LP tokens we have received is 1.964

The Liquidity Pool Tokens (LP Tokens) are BEP-20 tokens too, they serve as "certificates" of the liquidity you added. You can use the LP tokens for Yield Farming to get more MODO or need it to remove your liquidity.

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