Repurchase and Burn

Deflationary Mechanisms

The design of a Deflationary Mechanism is to align with MODO holders' interests and incentivize user engagement. The current MODO Deflationary Model is embedded in three places: Mint, Swap and, Raffle.

Mint (New)

Effectively on Nov 2nd, 2021. 8.92 MODO per block of 18 MODO per block minted will be burned according to the MODO OutPut Adjustment Amendment:


There is a trading fee of 0.3% for every swap, from which 0.06% will be sent to a designated address for MODO repurchase and burn.

At the moment, tokens gathered in the designated address will be burned manually and timely.

Raffle (Not Yet Live)

5% of the prize pot from each round will be burned.

We will publish the token burn address.

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