How to Play Raffle

Step by step on how to participate raffle game

Go to the Raffle page

Connect wallet

Approve MODO

Click "Buy tickets"

Random Tickets

A random ticket is a ticket in which the 4 numbers are given randomly.

if you buy 5 random tickets, after confirming the purchase, you will be given 5 tickets with random numbers each.

The max amount of tickets to buy per time is 50

The tickets bought can be viewed in "View your tickets"

Custom Tickets

A custom ticket is a ticket in which the participants select the numbers on their own.

In custom ticket buy, you select your desired numbers and choose how many bets you want to bet on the ticket you have customized.

For example, in the below screenshot, 2 bets on ticket numbers 3, 5, 2, 6 are added.

As can be viewed, 2 tickets with the same numbers are added.

Okay, we have bought the tickets, and all we need to do now is wait until the raffle draw!

Collect Prizes!

Upon raffle draw, you will be able to see if you have won anything.

If lucky enough, collect your MODO!

View Past Draws

We keep recording past rounds stats.

You will be able to search and view the stats of different rounds:

  • Winning numbers and total prizes

  • How many winning tickets are there for each prizes

  • Prize pot for each prizes to be shared with

  • How much MODO is burned

There is also a chart display the pool size and burn over the time.

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