MX Lock is short for MoonX Lock, it is a place where the project teams can lock tokens or LP tokens to win trust in their communities.

Lock up the initial liquidity is quite important for Defi tokens to win trust in the communities. Lock up the LP tokens means you are aiming for long-term development and it prevents teams to withdraw liquidities and rug pull.

Here, at the MX Lock section. We provide two lock-up plans for our users.

Liquidity Locker

In the liquidity locker, you simply lock up your LP tokens or tokens and the tokens release one time and for all at the unlock date pre-determined by you. There is no vesting option provided. For details, please refer to the below section:

pageLiquidity Locker

Token Locker

In the token locker, you would be given the vesting option where you set a vesting start time prior to the unlock time. And the tokens will be released gradually in a linear fraction fashion. For details, please refer to the below section:

pageToken Locker

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