Liquidity Locker

You can use the Liquidity Locker to lock your LP tokens or basic tokens. In the liquidity locker, 100% of the tokens will be released to your wallet when the lockup period is due, it is without vesting option.

How to Lock LP Tokens

1. Go to the MX LOCK page and Click the "LOCK OR MANAGE" Button

2. Fill in the parameters

  • LP Contract - Enter the LP tokens contract address that you want to lock up. Normally, it is the initial liquidity your injected i.e YOUR TOKEN/BNB.

  • Lock Period - Choose here how long you want to lock up your LP tokens. You can choose from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or custom in days. After you have chosen the time period, you can view the precise unlock time beneath.

  • Lock Amount - Decide how many LP tokens you want to lock up, and make sure you have that balance in the wallet you are connected to.

  • Release to - Enter the address where you want the LP tokens to be sent to after it is unlocked.

3. Approve Contract and Lock

You can lock both LP tokens or basic tokens in the liquidity locker. However, in the liquidity locker, there is no option for vesting, the unlock of tokens happens one time at the unlock date when 100% of the locked tokens will be released. For the vesting option, please use the token locker.

4. Manage Your Lockers

You can scroll down and view your locked contracts in the "Manage My Lockers" section. Withdraw when the tokens are unlocked.

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