🌾Yield Farming

Deposit LP tokens to mint MODO

MoonDogeSwap offers Liquidity Providers to earn MODO by depositing the LP tokens into the Yield Farms.

Liquidity providers will get double rewards: 1. LP rewards from trading fees 2. Yield rewards from farming. Normally, Yield rewards are higher than LP rewards.

Getting Started

To be able to farm, you will need to get LP tokens first, the way to get LP is by adding liquidity to the liquidity pools. Read the below page link on how to add liquidity:

pageHow to Add Liquidity

Go to the Yield Farming Webpage on MoonDogeSwap, and have your wallet connected.

Find the farm to which you have already added liquidity, we use DOGE-WBNB farm as an example here.

The DOGE-WBNB farm will only accept DOGE-WBNB LP, the same goes for other farms ( can only accept their own LPs).

Here is the interface you will find on the DOGE-WBNB farm

You will see some key metrics of the farm:

  • Total Liquidity: the total $value of the liquidity pool

  • Coefficient: the amount of MODO distributed to this farm per block (6X means 6 MODO per block is distributed to this DOGE-WBNB farm)

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): the indicator of return on your investment.

You can also click on the links to learn more:

  • Get LP: it will direct you to the liquidity page of this farm's liquidity pool

  • View Contract: it will direct you to the smart contract of this LP on BscScan

  • See Pair Info: it will direct to the analytic page on this pair

Deposit LP tokens

1. Click Approve Contract

2. Click Deposit

3. Enter DOGE-WBNB LP token amount, in most cases, just click on MAX to have ALL to deposit and press Confirm

After you have added liquidity, the LP tokens will be sent to your wallet automatically, and when you deposit LP tokens in farms, the balance of the LP tokens will be shown automatically too.

4. Wait for a while, and you will see the below interface

The MODO amount earned will accumulate per block, you can click Harvest to collect your MODO earned any time you wish.

You can deposit more LP tokens by clicking the "+" sign.

Withdraw LP tokens

1. Click on the "-" sign

2. Enter the amount of LPs you wish to withdraw and hit the Confirm button.

There you go! Farming isn't that complicated after all

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