Reflection Token

Reflection Token is a new type of tokens. Lead by SAFEMOON, reflection tokens are trending at the time, for its reflection mechanism and ever-growing liquidity trait.

The features of Reflection token are as follows:

  • Transaction tax imposed to redistribute yield and generate liquidity

  • Customize fees taken to reward holders

  • Customize fees allocated to liquidity pool

  • Whitelist feature

How to Create Reflection Tokens on MX Mint?

Visit MX Mint on MoonX at

Connect your wallet and Click "CREATE NOW"

Fill out the token parameters, just like what is required to create a standard token.

For decimal setting of reflection tokens and its kind, normally the total supply is large (in trillions), therefore it is recommended to set the decimal at 9

For reflections tokens, there is "transaction tax" for every transfer of reflection tokens, therefore creators of such kind tokens are required to set up the % for how the transaction tax is distributed/redistributed.

Transaction tax = holders reward + liquidity generation + Team (Marketing)

The intepretations are as follows:

Transaction fee in % to reward holders: A portion of each transaction volume used to be redistributed to all token holders according to their balances.

Transaction fee in % to liquidity pool: A portion of each transaction volume used to be added to liquidity pool.

Transaction fee in % to team (Optional): A portion of each transaction volume goes to team wallet.

It is not obligatory to have a team distribution, it is optional.

Anti-whale limit is another good feature to protect your individual investors from big whales dumping on the token price, providing a relatively stable price level.

In the Anti-whale limit section, put the max number of tokens for each transfer allowed. A good indictor of such limit is 0.1% of the total supply.

Submit your setting and confirm and your own token is set up good!

Here is a templete:

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