How to Swap?

Swapping on MoonDogeSwap is fairly straightforward, which involves the following 3 main steps: Connect Wallet, Choose Trading Pair and Confirm Transaction.

Connect Wallet

1. To be able to swap on MoonDogeSwap, you need to have a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network. Check below for the wallet guide:

πŸ‘›pageWallet Guide

2. Go to the Swap Page, and connect your wallet to When you connect your wallet to for the first time, a Connect Request Notification will pop up to request your connection to the site, which will not show later.

Please make sure your wallet has the "Binance Smart Chain Network" turned on, otherwise, it won't work.

Log out to switch to a different wallet

Choose Trading Pair

Once your wallet is connected, choose your desired trading pair to swap.

Click "Select a token" to search/find your "Input Token" and "Output Token". If not found, try to import the token address.

Select the Input Token you want to sell and the Output Token you want to buy.

You may set your desired Slippage Tolerance and Transaction Deadline by clicking the gadget on the top-right corner before you make a trade.

Confirm Transaction

After you set up your trade, click "Swap" and you will be able to see your trade details.

Once you confirm the trade details, click the "Confirm Swap" button and you will be asked to approve the transaction in your wallet.

Once you hit the "Confirm" button, you are done! View on BscScan and wait for your Output Token to arrive in your wallet.

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