🗺️ Roadmap

MoonDogeSwap is a long-term project; we intend to expand alongside the Defi industry, using some of the best technology while also promoting and pioneering our own unique features and advancements.
While we are currently in Phase I development, we have a rough idea of how the Development Roadmap should look. We try our best to be consistent and bring more financial products and gamification to the users. Some features may be introduced at different time frames, and additional features may be introduced as inspiration strikes.

Phase I

  • Issue Platform Token - MODO
  • Token Swaps (ETA June 18)
  • Liquidity Pools (ETA June 18)
  • Yield Farming (ETA June 28)
  • Staking (ETA June 28)
  • Raffle (ETA First Week of July) - Consume MODO to have a chance to win more MODO
  • MoonX (ETA August) - The next-gen IDO pad, anti rug pull, cooling-off period

Phase II

  • Integrate Aggregator
  • Multi-Network Expansion
  • DAO & Voting
  • Option Trade

Phase III

  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Margin Trading
  • Dog Breeding Gamification
Phase II & III are still in the brainstorming stage, community input is welcome.