Connect MoonDogeSwap with various mobile wallet app through WalletConnect

WalletConnect is a protocol that allows users to connect dApps to mobile wallets through QR code scanning.

Note, WalletConnect itself is not a wallet.

WalletConnect supports a long list of wallets, but when you connect the wallet to MoonDogeSwap through WalletConnect, make sure that the wallet support Binance Smart Chain Network. We demonstrate here how to connect Trust Wallet to moondoge.com through WalletConnect.

How to connect Trust Wallet to MoonDogeSwap through WalletConnect?

Go to moondoge.com and click Connect Wallet

Choose WalletConnect

You will see a QR code

Now, open your Trust Wallet mobile app. Go to Settings, and tap WalletConnect. Scan the QR code from the previous step.

Tap Connect, then you are connected

You can use various different mobile wallets through WalletConnect QR scanning, the intution is the same. It basically involves two steps: open the QR code and scan it from your mobile wallet app.

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